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Here you'll find scientific articles assessing the environmental impact of grazing in the Montana Allotment as well as other articles supporting cattle grazing.

"You exist in the lowly lands where mighty rivers twist in long regions,

between the barren bluffs, where the prairies stretch out in little wee planes of waving grass, heard only by the blue horizon,

plains across whose endless breath he can steer his course with days and weeks and see neither man to speak to nor hear with break or level.

Where the glory and the burning splendor of the sunset kindle the blue wall of heaven and the level brown earth til they merge together in an ocean of flaming fire.”

Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919)

Controlled Livestock Grazing and Rangeland Wildlife

Report of Jerry L. Holechek, Ph.D. and Dee Galt, Ph.D - Controlled Livestock Grazing and Rangeland Wildlife: Positive Impacts read .pdf

Abstract of Managed Grazing versus Grazing Exclusion Impacts on Rangeland Ecosystems

Abstract of Managed Grazing Versus Grazing Exclusion Impacts on Rangeland Ecosystems: What We Have Learned, by Jerry L. Holechek, Ph.D. read .pdf

Impacts of Controlled Grazing versus Grazing Exclusion on Rangeland Ecosystems

Report of Jerry L. Holechek, Ph.D., Terrell T. "Red" Baker & Jon C. Boren - Impacts of Controlled Grazing Versus Grazing Exclusion on Rangeland Ecosystems: What we Have Learned read .pdf

10 Steps to Evaluate Rangeland Riparian Health
As evidenced by this article by Drs. Fleming, Galt & Holechek, there are well established guidelines for evaluating environmental health. read .pdf

Principles of Obtaining and Interpreting Utilization Data on Rangelands

The following article is posted with permission of the Arizona Cooperative Extension and University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. read .pdf

Forest and Fishes: Effects of Flows and Foreigners on Southwestern Native Fishes

By John Rinne. read .pdf

Stocking Desert Rangelands: What we've Learned

By Jerry L. Holechek, Milton Thomas, Francisco Molinar, and Dee Galt. read .pdf

Other articles concerning cattle grazing and the environment
Controlled Grazing vs. Grazing Exclusion Impacts on Rangeland Ecosystems

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